Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cool New Image for Calvert Brewing Company's Social Media

Just sharing a cool image of our calvert brand logo on a new banner for some of our social marketing efforts at Calvert Brewing Company. A weathered, timeless look for what is sure to be a classic mainstay in the Maryland Craft Beer industry.

Great love to all our fans who have been following thus far in our journey.

The Hops are Growing @calvertbrewingcompany

Hello Craft Beer brothers and sisters. Another quick update on the bounty that spring can deliver. The Hops are growing! We are training the vines to twist and grow to reach their ultimate and final place...a bottle of fine craft beer! Enjoy the imagery!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Moving forward here at Calvert Brewing Company

The lines have been cut for the drains and and we are almost done hammering them out. 
We would like to throw out some love to Bud and Jonathan from RAW Construction for all their hard work at the brewery and to all of our followers out there, you guys have been great. 

Keep an eye out for the delivery of the fermenters coming soon and as always respect the craft.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mash Filtration System at Calvert Brewing Company

Shortly after receiving the brewhouse or most of the brewhouse the linchpin to it's efficiency arrived. This is the Mash Filtration System that allows us to brew at the efficiency we will. The filters themselves are not linked in yet but this is it in all it's glory.

As soon as the floors are finished and set you will see the assembly first hand. Thank you for tuning in and remember treat your body like a temple, drink craft beer.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Big Day For Calvert Brewing Company

Today was a huge step forward for us at Calvert brewing Company. We received and unloaded our 20bbl HEB (High Efficiency Brewing ) System in our warehouse. All sketchy situations aside, it was a beautiful day for us. 

This system will allow us to brew at least three times a day at 95% efficiency or better and for those of you that know, that is almost unheard of. The fermenters should be here with in two weeks and the drains are being cut as we speak so stay tuned for updates as we will keep them coming as they are available.

We thank all our craft beer heads for your continued love and support.